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How To Get Started
These Steps Will Help You Install WordPress To Start Your Build


Once you order Student Bundle, you can start creating your own website. Using the automatic app installer within your control panel (cPanel) you can install WordPress in a few clicks.

1/. Log in to your cPanel. You will find your login credentials in your "Welcome To Your Hosting account" email. Alternatively, you can login via your admin area > manage services > login to cPanel

2/. Scroll down to the bottom section "Softaculous Apps Installer"



3/. Click on the WordPress icon as shown above.

4/. You'll be presented with information about WordPress so feel free to read this. Then click install now as shown below.



5/. On the next page you will need to fill out the details of your WordPress installation.

- Choose the https:// protocol if you have an SSL certificate installed

- Select your domain (you'll only have the one)

- In the 'In Directory' field you can specify the folder for the WordPress installation. By default, this field is "wp", to install to your web root (ie : make sure this field is blank.


- In the 'Site Settings' field you'll need to put the name of your website or how you want it to appear in search engines and on the browser tabs of a user. You can of course just use '' or you could put your ' - the best student portfolio you're ever going to see'. This can be changed later so don't panic if you change your mind.

- In the 'Site Description' field you can enter a description of what your website does or how you're going to use it. Again this can be changed later

- Leave 'enable Multi-Site' unchecked unless you know what you're doing.



- The next bits are pretty straight-forward. Choose an admin name (not admin) and set a password (which is hard to guess....we see a lot of weak passwords and they are guessed within 10 attempts). Remember these as you'll be using these to login to your WordPress Admin Area once installed. You will also need to add your admin email address (to which all notifications regarding your website will be sent), then select your language.



- In the advanced options area, you can pretty much leave the database name and prefix as they are but do select the auto-upgrade options as shown in the image below.



- Finally you can select a theme from thousands (or you can do this later from the WordPress admin area). Once you've decided on a theme just click 'Install' and the installation will begin.



- This can be left to run and after a short period you'll get a message similar to the one below. If you have any issues please do get in touch.



6/. Now that the install is complete you can use the administration URL link shown in the completion message to access the WordPress login page. To login just use the credentials you entered in the Admin Settings area.

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